Land Rover Maintenance Resolutions


When you own a Land Rover SUV like the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, you know that it is an exceptional vehicle capable of tackling nearly any situation. Land Rover SUVs are incredible for their ability to deftly traverse the winter roads here in the Northfield and Evanston, IL areas. However, they still require care.

Now that we’re in a new year, we here at Land Rover Northfield are making some New Year’s resolutions when it comes to how we drive and how we care for our beloved vehicles. Even though we’re your Land Rover dealership serving Chicago, IL, we’re not perfect, and that’s why we’re making 2019 the year we improve on how we care for our vehicles.

Our first New Year’s resolution is to change some of our driving habits. Modern Land Rover SUVs come with a lot of technology and safety features that help you while driving, and this year we’re making better use of these features. That means that we’re keeping our phones down while driving and making better decisions like not eating while driving.

As far as caring for our vehicles goes, we’re making an effort to stick to a regular maintenance schedule. Routine maintenance is a must when it comes to preventing severe damage and extending the longevity of your vehicle. For example, we’ve resolved to get an oil change roughly twice this year, or about every 6,000 miles. Additionally, we’re working to keep a better eye on our fluid levels like the gas tank to prevent moisture and grime buildup.

Luckily for Land Rover drivers in the greater Northfield, IL area, keeping up on maintenance is simple. Schedule your next service appointment with us at Land Rover Northfield and be sure to check our service specials and coupons to save even more. Visit us today at 670 Frontage Road for the best Land Rover service and start the new year off right!

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