New Land Rover Tech Responds to Your Mood

We love driving any Land Rover or Land Rover Range Rover SUV here at Land Rover Northfield. Our SUVs are some of the most well-built, luxurious, and robust vehicles available today, all of which makes navigating the Evanston and greater Chicago, IL area a little easier. 


However, no matter how excellent your vehicle is, driving can be one of the most stressful events of the day, especially if you’re driving in a busy part of the city. Jaguar Land Rover, the automaker behind our favorite models like the 2020 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, want to help with driver stress. 


The automaker has designed an artificially intelligent system that monitors drivers and gauges their mood. The experimental system uses a driver-facing camera combined with special software that analyzes facial expressions to determine the driver’s mood. 


If the system detects that you’re in a poor or unideal mood, it can automatically adjust specific settings in your vehicle, like climate control and ambient lighting, to create a more comfortable environment.


“As we move towards a self-driving future, the emphasis for use remains as much on the driver as it ever has,” Dr. Steve Illey, JLR chief medical officer, said in a statement according to Digital Trends. “By taking a holistic approach to the individual driver, and implementing much of what we’ve learned from the advances in research around personal well-being over the last 10 or 15 years, we can ensure our customers remain comfortable, engaged, and alert behind the wheel in all driving scenarios, even monotonous motorway journeys.”


As your Northfield Range Rover dealership, we’re excited to see where this technology goes and how the automaker will use it. In the meantime, visit our Range Rover dealership for all your vehicle needs like expert Range Rover service.

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