If you're a Land Rover SUV fan in the Evanston and Northfield, IL area, you probably keep up on the latest Land Rover news. Whether it's new models like the 2020 Land Rover Discovery or news of emerging technology, Land Rover automakers are always working to improve their vehicles. However, you may not know the long and winding road that got our favorite automaker to where it is now.  

Here are five fun facts about our favorite brand here at Land Rover Northfield that you may not know. Let's dive in. 

1 - Land Rover SUVs are older than the company.  

The first Land Rover model was built in 1948 by the then-named company, Rover. In fact, the first Land Rover SUV was modeled after a particular American 4x4 from the WWII era and even had the steering wheel in the middle. 

2 - Land Rover automakers used to sponsor student travel 

Back in the day, the automaker used to provide models to students from Oxford and Cambridge to drive across foreign continents for the "sake of learning." 

3 - These SUVs dominate off-road 

Everyone knows that a Range Rover SUV is a highly capable off-road vehicle, but do you know just how capable? They've dominated the Camel Trophy, which includes treks through Siberia, the Amazon, the Australian Outback, and more.  

4 - The original Range Rover model stuck to the prototype design 

It's extremely rare for a vehicle to look the same as its prototype. However, Range Rover automakers in 1966 felt they got the design right.  

5 - The origin of the "Velar" name 

The first 25 pre-production Range Rover models had the codename Velar to throw off the general public. Now, we have a model named the 2019 Land Rover Range Rover Velar.  

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