The Difference Between AWD and 4WD from Land Rover Northfield Near Chicago, IL

Land Rover Northfield is proud to serve those living in and around Northfield, Chicago, Northbrook, and Winnetka, IL. Offering a variety of new and  pre-owned Land Rover SUVs for sale, our dealership is committed to getting to know each of our customers and helping them find the Land Rover best suited to their lifestyle, taste, and budget. Our knowledgeable staff takes pride in offering customers an extensive inventory of Land Rover vehicles and explaining the benefits of the different models and how they can make your Land Rover car ownership more enjoyable.

One important feature to consider when purchase a Land Rover car is whether you would like an SUV with four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. While the two features are similar and essentially enable your vehicle to do similar tasks, the two features go about it in very different ways, and each works best depending on the conditions. Four wheel drive sends power to each wheel individually for power and traction. These systems are typically found on vehicles intended for off-roading and handling uneven terrain. Four wheel drive does not need to be on at all times and can be engaged when needed. All -wheel drive is recent technology and much more prevalent in cars. All-wheel drive is on at all times and is monitored by an internal computer system. When driving on the highway, the system will keep most of the power in the back of the vehicle and if conditions decline, the system will automatically send the traction to all four wheels to prevent slippage. The driver doesn't need to do a thing to maintain control.

The two technologies are useful in different conditions. Depending on what you're intending to do with your vehicle from Land Rover Northfield, you may want to consider the advantages of both. Four-wheel drive provides more traction and control to the drive. It is heavy and doesn't work well on highway conditions.  The 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport has four-wheel drive and is, therefore, ideal for any and all of your adventures. All-wheel drive is ideal for many sport vehicles and adds a margin of safety as it automatically adjusts almost instantaneously depending on the road conditions. All-wheel drive is great for wet conditions like snow, ice, or other slick conditions, but if you're looking to climb over large rocks, you're better off with four-wheel drive.

Ready to put our Land Rover SUVs to the test? We're located at 670 Frontage Road in Northfield, Illinois. We strongly recommend test-driving the Land Rover vehicle that most appeals to you so that you can get a feel for what the vehicle feels like on the road and therefore be more confident in your purchase.

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