2014 Range Rover Sport Wins Four Wheeler of the Year

Here at Land Rover Winnetka, we don't need to hear about awards to know how great of a vehicle the 2014 Range Rover Sport is. Thanks to its incredible power, numerous interior luxuries, and off-road durability, the 2014 Range Rover Sport has become a favorite among Chicago-area buyers. However, it's always great to see the cars that we love winning awards, and the latest one for the Range Rover Sport to add to its full coffer is the 2014 Four Wheeler of the Year, given by Four Wheeler magazine.

Four Wheeler magazine has given out this award since 1974, and it is a great honor to receive it, as they is plenty of stiff competition from other four-wheelers on the market. However, as Northbrook Range Rover Sport owners already know, none of these other four-wheelers can hold a candle to the Range Rover Sport. The competing vehicles are evaluated in five different categories: trail performance, empirical and mechanical data, on-road performance, interior, and exterior.

The evaluations were in-depth, as they covered five days and 1,000 miles, which allowed the eight judges to spend plenty of time with each of the vehicles. The judges drove the vehicles on a wide variety of terrains on carefully planned routes throughout Southern California. In the end, the Range Rover Sport came out on top, thanks to its nearly 510 horsepower, large amount of ground clearance, and five second acceleration from zero to 60.

Additionally, the reviewers were impressed with the traction control system, which is ideal for both on-road and off-road driving and the plush interior with all the luxurious amenities. Here at Land Rover Winnetka, we now have the award-winning Range Rover Sport in our new inventory, so come in for a test drive! 

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