Land Rover Completes Hybrid Expedition Through Europe and Asia

In a previous blog post, we covered the first ever hybrid from Land Rover, the Range Rover Hybrid. The revolutionary vehicle was only introduced in August, but it's already doing big things. Just hours after the model was introduced to the public, a Range Rover Hybrid set out on a 10,472-mile journey across Europe and Asia. After 53 days, here at Fields Land Rover Winnetka we are pleased to report that the Hybrid has completed its expedition along the silk trail.

Beginning in the home of Land Rover, Solihull, UK, the journey was much more than a simple marketing gimmick. On the epic quest that eventually ended in Mumbai, India, over 300 gigabytes of data was collected and forwarded back to the engineering team in the UK. This data will be used to tweak the engine and the transmission for optimal performance in all types of extreme terrain, altitude and climate conditions.

Three prototype Range Rover Hybrid vehicles and four support vehicles made the journey which covered pothole-covered roads, narrow mountain passes, stream crossings, desert dust, and chaotic urban thoroughfares. The vehicles reached altitudes of 18,044 feet and endured temperatures ranging from 14 degrees to 109 degrees. If there was ever any doubt that the Range Rover Hybrid was a true off-roading vehicle, it was quickly dispelled. Of course, the main draw of the Range Rover Hybrid is its impressive fuel efficiency. Despite all the adverse terrain and climate conditions, the Hybrid still managed an average fuel economy of about 36.5 miles per gallon.

When looking for Range Rover cars, Chicago-area residents are sure to be excited about the capabilities of the new Range Rover Hybrid. 

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