Land Rover Dominates at New Zealand's 2013 Automotive Awards

Land Rover has done it again. Previous blog posts have covered Land Rover victories at award ceremonies, and now they have another set of awards to add to their ever-growing trophy case. By now, hearing about another Land Rover award win may seem like old news, but when the awards are as prestigious and numerous as the New Zealand Autocar Awards, here at Land Rover Winnetka, we can't help but get excited about the continuing recognition given to the Range Rover.

Range Rover won not one, but three awards at three of New Zealand's largest automotive award ceremonies: the AMI Insurance and New Zealand Autocar Awards, the NZ4WD Magazine Awards, and the AA Motoring and the New Zealand Motoring Writer's Guild Car of the Year Awards. At the AMI Awards, the Range Rover won Luxury Car of the Years; at the NZ4WD Awards, it won Luxury 4WD of the Year; and at the AA Motoring Awards, it won Large SUV of the Year. Additionally, the Range Rover Highland Park and Winnetka drivers are raving about won the coveted Overall 4WD of the Year awarded by NZ4WD Magazine.

However, perhaps the most prestigious award won by the Range Rover was the Supreme Car of the Year Award, given by the National Business Review. This award is judged by acclaimed motoring journalist David Linklater, who called the all-new Range Rover “a no-compromise super-luxury vehicle, with astounding presence, exemplary refinement, and what is arguably the world's most impressive cabin environment.” The other award-granting agencies lauded the Range Rover for its combination of off-road capabilities and luxurious comfort and handling.

We now have a huge selection of new and pre-owned Range Rover vehicles on our lot at Land Rover Winnetka, so stop by and check out the award-winning SUV. 

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