Land Rover LR4 Completes 4,000-Mile Trans-America Journey

Land Rover vehicles sure do love completing epic journeys. Here at Land Rover Winnetka, we covered how the Range Rover completed an expedition across Europe and Asia in our last blog post, and now the Land Rover LR4 has completed a 4,000-mile journey across the Trans-America trail. Before you start to think that driving across America's interstate system isn't impressive, the Trans-America trail is an off-road trail consisting of mostly gravel and dirt roads.

The trail, which begins in North Carolina and ends on the Oregon coast, had been completed thousands of times in the past by motorcyclists. The route had not been pre-scouted, and it follows the same routes that the famed American cowboys and westward settlers followed in the 1800s. The Land Rover LR4 was the first four-wheeled vehicle to finish the coast-to-coast trip. The trip was led by Tom Collins, a veteran of the Camel Trophy.

In total, the expedition took 27 days to complete, and began going through the grasslands, marshes, and muddy streams of the eastern half of the United States. The route really got challenging when it entered Colorado, thanks to the steep inclines and narrow trails of the Rocky Mountains. However, the trekkers said that the most difficult part occurred in the narrow forest trails of Oregon, with fallen trees, wild animals, and washouts. At one point, they found themselves blocked in by six separate forest fires, necessitating a day-long detour.

After finally reaching Oregon in an impressive 27 days, the journeymen found that their LR4 vehicles had no mechanical issues whatsoever, a real testament to the quality that Land Rover puts into its vehicles. To see for yourself what a Land Rover is made of, stop by your source for Winnetka and Chicago Land Rover cars, Land Rover Winnetka. 

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