If you’re searching for an alternative energy Land Rover car, Land Rover Northfield has what you need. We’re dedicated to matching drivers with some of the best new cars available, which is why we’re sharing information on the latest models hitting the market. Visit our dealership to begin testing out alternative energy cars like the new Range Rover.

Range Rover Eco-Friendly Features 

Though the new Range Rover is a luxury vehicle with profound off-road ability, there's much more beneath the surface that appeals to a wide range of drivers. For example, it comes equipped with innovative alternative energy features that are designed to reduce your carbon footprint.

Choose between plug-in and mild hybrid configuration options. With a mild hybrid Range Rover, your vehicle will collect the energy that is lost during deceleration and reuse it later. The plug-in hybrid variant comes with a 105kW engine and available extended range options.

Enjoy a base range of up to 48 miles on an electric charge. You’ll be able to charge your vehicle to full capacity in just five hours at home or up to 80-percent in less than one hour at a rapid charging station.

Here are some additional sustainability and alternative energy features available in the new Range Rover:

  • Kvadrat™?Premium textile and Ultrafabrics™ sustainable materials
  • Electric vehicle driving support
  • Electronic air suspension with dynamic response

These are just a few of the great alternative energy features you’ll find in the new Range Rover. Visit Land Rover Northfield to begin test-driving our hybrid models today.

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